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random map generator

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random map generator

Postby pgpaskar » Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:53 am

So this is a random map generator. It'll generate regular boards in the format expected by both the Java tourny engine and nneonneo's tourny engine (with -p option). You'll need to compile this yourself; here's how!

Type `make all`
and then `./mapgen <options>`

Also, type `./mapgen -help` for a list of options. It will output the map to stdout. Feel free to pipe this to a file or enter it directly into your call to the tourny engine of your choice (remember to add -p for nneonneo's (unless you use the BoardFile technique as described in the second post))


Code: Select all
# makes a random 40x30 map to map.txt
./mapgen -x 40 -y 30 > map.txt

# makes a random 33x21 with only point symmetry
./mapgen -x 33 -y 21 -l 1 > map.txt

# makes a random 70x70 maze map
./mapgen -x 70 -y 70 -m > maze.txt

# run random map with nneonneo's engine
./ <your bot here> <second bot here> -vvv -b "$(./mapgen -p)"

# run random maze map with nneonneo's engine
./ <your bot here> <second bot here> -vvv -b "$(./mapgen -p -m)"


06 feb 2010
- added -d and -m options (see -help)
- added min board size of 6x6
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Re: random map generator

Postby nneonneo » Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:18 pm

The newest version of the Python engine supports board files in the Java format with -B (in and the BoardFile function (in, so it's possible to use the Java map files with Python, if you so desire.
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Re: random map generator

Postby amstan » Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:32 am

Here you can find some videos i made for this map generator, helped by nneonneo's visualizer.
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