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Very important info is missing yet!

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Very important info is missing yet!

Postby Invader » Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:02 pm

1. New bots exact (GMT:hour:min) submission deadline?
I participated before in dozens of programmers contests, and have accustomed
to send the final solution in very last minutes before deadline. Even if the contest problem
was so easy that it was sufficient 1 day only out of 1 month given, to write the code and debug it.
And in the current case I doubt at all that I'll succeed in bug fixing of my bot in the remaining 5 days.
If I would fail in this or if I'll succeed but fixed bot will be too week, I will not participate at all.
In any case the info about deadline is vitally important (I guess) not for me only, but for many other (would be) contestants.

2. Maximal turns was not fixed up to now. It is clearly very important for evaluation function.
In fact, the most flexible solution was to make this parameter variable from the very begfinning and to include it inside
every map. But the time for such changes in the rules seems to be already lost.
The second (evident) solution is to fix and declare at last this constant. It would cost to participants only change of onenumerical value in the code (if the contestants were reasonable enough to fix this value in some named constant like
MAX_TURNS instead of distributing its current numerical value --"200" -- all over the code).

PS Sorry! I was wrong about missing deadline. In fact it was published: 11:59 PM CST on the home page but I was too unattentive to see this :((
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Re: Very important info is missing yet!

Postby Janzert » Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:06 pm

Yes, as you noticed the submission deadline is Nov 27th 23:59 Central Standard Time (this is the same timezone used in the game and submission listings on the profile pages).

The turn limit is going to stay at 200. Even if we wanted to, it's way too late to make any changes there.

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