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Anyone here, I Have a fix for the viewer.

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Anyone here, I Have a fix for the viewer.

Postby temp_dummy » Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:10 pm

Hello, is there anyone here on the forum right now?

I would like to fix some of the issues of the viewer, but in turn I will need a favour.
My C# bot is working fine locally but does not compile on the server,
Since the e-mailer is down, I do not know how to fix it, or what is wrong.

I also would like to wish to use my actual account on this forum, but it seem to use the same mailer,
and somehow my password it botched.

Anyway, I do have a patch for the viewer that would allow it to play backwards (in theory).
I do not have a working Java environment, but just looking at the code I can see that the forloop does not take into account the direction.

svn/ trunk/ planet_wars/ viz/

// Makes the game objects
public void run()
// <SNIP> find the loop after: tGame.Init();

Replace For with:
int i = 0;
int direction = 1;
direction = -1;

While(i >= 0 and i < turns.length)

// <SNIP> Goto end of the loop
i = i + direction;

If this compiles, it will play backwards.

I really somebody picks this up.
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