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Map types.

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Map types.

Postby McLeopold » Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:18 pm

I'm starting this thread so that we can discuss how different map types might favor different bot types. Please add other suggestions for map types with a brief guess of how a bot would be optimized for that type. (Please no discussion on if current bots are optimized or can handle these maps types.)

Different symmetry:
Line symmetry:
It seems to me that a bot that does well on a radial map with a dense center would also do well on this type of map. A simple example would be a map with 3 or more planets in an V shape.

Sparse maps:
Less that 15 planets. All neutrals are of high cost. Bot's optimized for fast expansion have to be careful of poachers. It requires good positional play and picking attacking and investment opportunities carefully.

Dense maps:
More that 25 planets. Neutrals are of low cost. Bot's optimized for fast expansion will do well. Bots with good funneling to the correct side of the board will do well.

In Galcon you can redirect fleets, but not in this contest, so....

Jump maps:
Several 0 growth 0 ships planets sprinkled through out the map. They only have positional advantage. Send a fleet to a 0 growth and then recall it or change it's direction when the fleet arrives.

Multiple start maps:
Each players has more than one starting planet. 2-3 would be good. This would be especially interesting if there were a starting position on each side of the map for each player. There is a local battle for dominance that, when resolved, become a more global battle. This would introduce local starting asymmetry, but be globally symmetric.

If all growths where multiples of 10, and starting ships numbers where as well, so the starting planet is a 1000 ships growth 50, it would make no difference. So...

Growth maps:
Planets can have any growth from 0 - 20. This would require a bot that would need to do really well at picking good targets and calculating ROI or ship count at turn X.
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Re: Map types.

Postby antimatroid » Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:35 am

I think with the line symmetric maps, as the players starting angles get closer, the players need to become better at expanding without leaving any of their claimed planets vulnerable, I think this will result in more interesting games, any bots that have been written to work well generally should have no disadvantage on them.

(having said that, bots should already be trying to do that optimally)

Some other games that would be interesting is where all neutral planets start at an equal distance from both players, both using line and point symmetry, although any off center neutrals with point symmetry need to be doubled to ensure the game ends up being a fair one. I think both instances of these would result in suitably different interesting matches.

Some matches with higher growth and ships counts could be quite interesting too, I wouldn't be opposed to relaxing those parameters for the final map generator.
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