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Game idea: real-time ants

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Game idea: real-time ants

Postby KyberPrizrak » Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:00 am

I very much like current challenge (much more interesting "Tron" and "Planet Wars"). But artificial restrictions - irritate.

I think all rules need keep, change only:
1) Coordinates: float (but map size - no changes, max 200х200)
2) real-time game (communication also through the console)
3) The bot requests a state of world (in any time) -> obtains the data -> output movement data (in any time))
4) Movement commands: all bots have unique ID. Target point: integer сoordinates. But the game engine moves a bot slowly (float), remembering a vector of his movement (for example, 1.5 cells in a second).
5) There are no restrictions on a time-out (and read/write in current folder). The formal restrictions on memory and files (2 GB).
6) The formal changes: ants -> robots, water-> walls, hill -> factory.
7) Bots don't see and don't attack through walls.
8) Attack, food grab, blocking - no changes (float radius)
Sorry for my bad English.
I am From Russia.
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Re: Game idea: real-time ants

Postby wheeliebin » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:29 pm

For 'requests a state of the world', how about a set of sensors that have to be pointed in a particular direction, so they could return the distance to an object, or its colour. The bot would have to build up a map of the world. Could identify containers that contain things like maps, charges, weapons, mines, parts for more bots (decide whether to build more small fast bots or slow less vulnerable one). Able to aim and shoot at enemy bots. Incur damage as opposed to death if in range of superior force.
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