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Game Idea: Soccer

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Game Idea: Soccer

Postby fluxid » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:24 pm

In my schooltime (from elementary up to university) I played two "notepad" games with my friends. Both would only need paper sheets with grid and two different pens. While talking on IRC about current aichallenge I remembered those games and thought that it would be a good idea for future challenge.
For now I'll share with first one, as I didn't make image for second - I'll do it later.

Here it is: SOCCER!

(EDIT 2: After I made an explanation, I found this: it may help provide additional explanation...)

Sequential/alternating, turn-based, two-player board game, map can be in different sizes but there are some limits (goal-post is exactly 2 units, from goal post to corner minimum 2 units, so it can't be slimmer by 6 units in total)

1. Enter enemy's goal-post
2. Create situation in which enemy cannot move anymore

1. Field is filled with matrix of dots, player moves from dot to dot
2. Moving player leaves a trace or "path"
3. Player cannot move along the existing "path"...
4. But he can "bounce" from it
5. He can also bounce from field/map boundaries
6. If he gets into corner (from where he cannot move anymore), he loses
7. If he cannot move at all, he loses
8. When player bounce, he can move farther. This way he can block return path for enemy (for example, he can create such lattice around his own goal post, so enemy can't enter it. There is still possibility that enemy drives him into corner - so it's not an immediate winning condition - but he has higher probability of winning) or run away from his goalpost.
EDIT: I can't explain it in a better way. When player meets with already made "path" or hits field boundary, he can (or rather he must) continue to move. So in one turn he can issue more than one move. When he goes into empty space, he cannot move anymore.

Here's an image:

Row 1, beginning of the game:
1. Initial, empty map, 8 units wide and 12 units long
2. TURN 1: Blue player starts, he might want to get closer to red's goal post
3. TURN 2: Red goes down, away from his goal post
4. TURN 3: Blue goes left, "bounces" from his old path and goes up diagonally

Row 2, more advanced game closer to red's goal post (it's not an real example since it doesn't show path from beginning of the game, but still a good example):
1. Blue enters a hole in the lattice
2. Possible move: If red goes into the corner, he LOSEs...
3. ...he cannot do it so his only way to continue game is to break free just by his goal post (at this point he didn't yet lose)
4. blue can enter goal directly or he can bounce from post into it. Either way, blue WINs (but he can bounce away from goal, which wouldn't make sense at this point...)

So, what do you think?

(I'll make image for second game later today or tomorrow, it is a bit more complicated... maybe I'll find some archival notepad with real example of the game)
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Re: Game Idea: Soccer

Postby Gajet » Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:39 pm

I really don't like the idea. although it is a game very fun to play between human players, there seems to be deterministic algorithms to win the game. I mean there is not many different algorithms that you can implement to win a game in contrast with the Ants and Galcon games that you almost have no idea where to begin with!
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