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Game idea: Dog, Tichu and others

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Game idea: Dog, Tichu and others

Postby agent_smith » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:36 pm

There is a popular German game board and card games site, (available in English). I used to play some games there and it seem like a rich picking ground for next AI challenge.

Specifically, there'a a card game named Tichu and a board game named Dog. What makes them interesting even more is that you play in teams (2 x 2), even though you are not explicitly allowed to communicate with your partner. I think teamplay would be interesting to program.

Tichu ("Swiss-Chinese trick taking poker game. Beware, highly addictive."):


Also there are other games, for example:


6nimmt ("A point here, a point there - and a lot of bull in between.")
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