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Game of production, trade and war

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Game of production, trade and war

Postby mtobiass » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:03 am

I like the idea of a "game like Risk", but I think it may be a little too simple. What I would like is a game with production, trade and war. The war part could work like Risk.

Here are some ideas of how production and trade could work.

There are maybe 5 different natural resources. They could just be called "Resource A" to "Resource E". They have no special meaning. Every region produces a single resource type. The number of resources produced in the region can be increased by creating a factory in the region.

Armies are created by converting one resource of each type. So the resource type of which you have the least number of resources limits how many armies you can create. This gives a good reason to trade. Trade could be handled by some kind of auction mechanism.

There should be some economy of scale, meaning if you specialise on a certain resource type, you should be more efficient.

The resource type produced in a region can be changed, but when you change it you lose some (maybe all) factories in the region. But if the price for the produced resource type is too low, it may still be necessary to change.

The more factories you have in a region, the more expensive it is to create new factories in that region. So it is more efficient to spread out your factories, but that also makes them harder to defend.

To get a flow of cash in the game it could be possible to convert every resource to cash at a minimum price. Another method would be to add a special resource type "gold" that is automatically converted to cash.

A simple bot might ignore both trade and factories and just convert all produced resources to armies. To make it even easier for simple bots, resources could be converted between each other. For example two "Resource A" could be converted to one "Resource B". This makes it easier to be self sufficient, but it would not be efficient.
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Re: Game of production, trade and war

Postby ChrisH » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:45 am

I like what you have described so far and would like to see it fleshed out further.
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