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Game idea: Taxi

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Game idea: Taxi

Postby coachbudka » Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:13 pm

All over the city, passengers need to get from where they are to some other point in the city. AI players drive taxi cabs: they must pick up and deliver passengers and collect dat $$$.

- Random map, random spawn locations of passengers
- Fixed vehicle capacity (e.g. 4)
- Limited visibility (must explore to find customers and plot best routes)
- Customers broadcast their destination and how much they're willing to pay for their route: proportional to distance as the crow flies -- depending on the map, some routes are more profitable than others -- players can choose to ignore customers
- Cutthroat competition: if rival cabs both spot a customer they can engage in a bidding war -- offering to deliver him for less money
- Ignored customers in their frustration will offer more and more money as time passes
- Scenarios: morning rush hour (suburbs -> downtown); evening rush hour (downtown -> suburbs)

Player considerations
- Scouting: both to find customers, and to discover the map
- Path-finding/planning: finding the best route to deliver all current customers
- Considering enemy positions: maybe you want to avoid them, since it will be less likely to find new customers near them
- Supply/demand: if the customers are plentiful, they'll pay a lot; if the customers are scant, the cabs will fight over them -- proper valuation by the players is critical
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