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3D game? Block Minecraft world?

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3D game? Block Minecraft world?

Postby simplicity » Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:16 pm

So I'm thinking of a 3D games that you can change the terrain of the map. Was wondering if we could have a simplified Minecraft world game?

We could have a Minecraft type game. Infiniminer code has been released so it's not like everything has to be done by scratch. To make it easy to code for we could simplify the controls. So the character you control takes up one block, it can only move one block Up, down, left, right, backwards or forwards a turn. Then, if there isn't a block below the character and it's not jumping it will fall one block down. You should also allow jump up I.e. move up for one turn, then the next turn move left, right, forwards or backwards.

The character should also be allowed to mine and place the blocks they have mined.

So I was thinking if we have something like Ants, but it's based in a 60x60x60 world blocky world. Four players spawn at the different bottom corners, the map is symmetrical to make it fair. You spawn a set amount of workers and they need to mine the material in the middle and bring it back to there spawn point.

To make it more interesting we could have it so you can only kill workers by lava or them falling more than 1 square. It wouldn't be that hard to make the map randomly generate as well like in Minecraft. The idea is that you will be trying to stop the three other players from mining or returning the material to there spawn by changing the landscape of the map to best suit you, whilst your opponent is trying to do the same.

But, this is just an idea. Was wondering if we can have a 3D game that is based on blocky world look. I'm sure it won't be that hard to code for if everything is just simplified. Plus we could get Notch to enter the competition as he does do the Ludum dare challenge every time it is on.
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