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obsessed by final results ?

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obsessed by final results ?

Postby tictac » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:25 pm

how many times an hour do you check your profile to check if there was new games ? be honest ... i think i am above 10 times/hours which is kind of sad.. slow day at work i guess.
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Re: obsessed by final results ?

Postby Scryer » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:50 pm

I may be worse than you. I watch my own score regularly, but now that it's clear I'm not in the top 100, I'm more interested in the overall process as a spectator, playing through some of the better games now and then. I run stats (curl & perl) to see how well the failbots are getting weeded out (down to 8% of games "Won at turn 1" this morning from 25% yesterday and 34% before the cutoffs started, and many of the remaining ones are legitimate standoffs rather than 10 bots sitting on their thumbs). I have also been watching the top 25 or so to see how fast they're congealing, and I'm pretty optimistic about the process working in time.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to maintain your interest for a while, though - we've spent days or weeks (months for some, I guess) on the problem, so dropping it cold turkey would be a let-down.
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Re: obsessed by final results ?

Postby tomb » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:22 pm

My schedule is roughly 15 minutes of work, then 15 minutes of looking through the rankings and recent games (including many refreshes of my account). repeat.

I seem to get most of my games in bursts, so I will go for several hours with no change, and then get like 5-10 games in a 30 minute span.
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Re: obsessed by final results ?

Postby itzkow » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:04 pm

during a: "In Game: Playing in a game right now."
I refresh my profile about 10 times in average until the game ends
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Re: obsessed by final results ?

Postby pkmiec » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:07 am

I'm too afraid to watch it ;) ... I'm hoping to barely squeeze into the top 50 and I've been hovering around 53.
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