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Clojure: I feel stupid asking this....

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Clojure: I feel stupid asking this....

Postby NotCoffeeTable » Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:31 pm

How are we supposed to test the bot locally? I submitted some code and it passed the tests and is fine. But I cannot figure out how to run it locally.

I've tried using Lein and I've tried just using the clojure.jar with Java to execute the files. Lein causes a NullExceptionError (it has to do with the Ant build method blocking access to read-line).

With Java executing the clojure.jar Ants.clj and MyBot.clj as input it goes down a line then returns to the command prompt. If I put the java command into a bat that plays a game it executes and returns "last bot standing" on the first turn because MyBot isn't executing.

If someone using Clojure could please just post how they're using the bots locally I'd be very grateful!
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