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test_bot.cmd testing bot on windows

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test_bot.cmd testing bot on windows

Postby xmilod00 » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:35 pm

Hey, i could use some help with how this test actually works. My uploaded bot got "Test Error: compiled, but failed test cases". I tried to run the test and i got this output:

running for 30 turns
ant_count c_turns climb? cutoff food r_turn ranking_bots s_alive s_hills score w_turn winning
turn 0 stats: [3,1,0] 0 [1,1] - 0 0 None [1,1] [1,1] [3,3] 0 None
turn 1 stats: [3,1,0] 0 [0,1] - 0 1 [0,0] [0,1] [1,1] [3,3] 1 [0,1]
score 3 9
status timeout survived
playerturns 1 1
waiting 0.25 seconds for bots to process end turn

how can i test my bot properly? I want to know what happened to my bot that it failed tests, because if i tried to run it locally it played most of the games without problem.
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