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Postby blue_iris » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:00 am

Something funny is going on for me in the tutorial: When I run the tutorial on my machine, against my bot, the viewradius2 setting is 77. But I checked the data files for the recorded battles on the web site, and they have a viewradius2 of 55.

That makes a difference because it means my bots see things at different times than the recorded battles do, leading to different behavior.

If I manually add --viewradius2 55 to my script then everything runs fine.

I am using OSX 10.6.8, I have Python 2.7.2 installed. I can't think of anything strange about my setup.

I've filed an issue about this:
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Re: issue: Might need to add --viewradius2 55

Postby McLeopold » Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:00 am

I've noted the change in the tutorial. It was written before the viewradius was finalized. Stick with 77 since that is the official setting and don't worry about the tutorial behavior.
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