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Bug in skill calculation and scheduling

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Bug in skill calculation and scheduling

Postby pulasthi7 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:49 am

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The games 2,3,4 and 5 of version 10 has the following bugs.

1) The Game 2 and 3 are with the same opponents at the same time (but different results)

2) The Winning the 3rd game has not changed the skill (both mu, sigma remains same)

3) WINNING THE 4TH GAME HAS REDUCED THE SKILL (from 39.31 to 38.80). Although it says that the skill is increased by +10.669 when pointed to the up arrow (mu, sigma values also have some wrong values)

4) Winning the 5th game says that the skill is increased by +13.029 (at the up arrow). But the actual increment is just +2.36 from the last game (mu, sigma calculations also seems wrong according to their delta values)

Finally this has resulted me skilled 41.16 in 5 games, which may be around 60 in 4 games (without the duplicate 3rd game which had not changed the skill values) When I did manual calculation with the delta values of mu and sigma.

I've also attached the screenshot my profile page.
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