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Enable C++0x

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Enable C++0x

Postby Eric » Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:16 am

Thanks for organizing this challenge. Also, thank you for being receptive to your community and enabling optimizations (-O2) for C++.

Optimizations will certainly make our solutions execute faster. I have a suggestion, however, that will make us execute faster. Namely, enabling C++0x extensions. There are a number of useful classes (shared_ptr, unordered_*, function) that are part of C++0x that are time consuming to implement/copy on our own. Time that could be better spent tuning our algorithms. =)

The following site describes C++0x:

All that would be needed would be to add the "-std=c++0x" command line argument. I'm fairly certain doing so would not cause existing solutions to break. If there was a breakage, it would likely have a trivial fix. I believe the benefits outweigh this remote risk.
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