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suspension due to timeouts

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suspension due to timeouts

Postby hebbie » Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:07 am

I'm getting suspensions on your machines which don't appear when I run jobs locally (well I was until a few hours ago :) ).

I'm assuming you're still using wall clock time rather than cpu time?

Can I suggest that you allow bots to up to 3s on their first move and up to 1s on average over the whole course of their game excluding the first move (so suspend them if at any point they've averaged more than 1s per move up to that point ignoring the first move), thus we can try to take no more than say 0.5s on the first 5 moves and the no more than 0.9s on the rest and it is very unlikely we'll get suspended due a wall-clock-time-stealing event outside of our bot.

Or are suspensions working better now?

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