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Game idea: Upgrades

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Game idea: Upgrades

Postby stupidquestions » Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:34 am

Something like Ants, but different enough to be something new, to make people build their strategies from scratch (or almost from scratch)... The main difference being the concept of everything having a certain level or value, and upgrades.

Your have a base from which your creatures (whatever they are, I'll just refer to them as "warriors") spawn every n turns. They also collect gold of different values, which they have to bring back to the base if they want to use it. Otherwise, the enemy might kill them and take their gold. Every warrior and every base has its health points.

Moving across the map: There are obstacles, but of different levels. If the warrior's level is higher than the level of the obstacle, he can pass through the obstacle.

Battle resolution: For every enemy within your attack range, you lose a health point every turn that you spend in this radius. If two players step into the same field of the map, they both lose the weaker one's health points (which means that the weaker one dies). If someone was carrying gold and dies, the gold stays where he died. If he died by stepping into the same field as some other warrior (yours or enemy's), and the other warrior survived, the other warrior automatically gets the gold.

How to use gold?
- To repair the base
- To upgrade the base

Possible upgrades of the base:
- The base has more health points
- The base can produce warriors faster
- The base can produce higher level warriors

Some thing that higher level (there can be more than 2 levels) warriors might have:
- Higher view or attack radius
- More health points
- Ability to pass through higher level obstacles
- Ability to move diagonally

It could all be included in one "upgrading path" or more different ones (for example: If you upgrade the base's combat value, it produces warriors with higher attack and view radius and more health points. If you upgrade the base's exploration value, it produces warriors with higher view radius, ability to pass through higher level obstacles and to move diagonally. If you upgrade both, it produces warriors who have all of that)

Why is this a good idea / does it satisfy the requirements?
- Easy: In terms of understanding the problem, it's far less complex than most strategy games. In terms of creating an entry, it's not much harder than creating a basic entry for Ants... It doesn't really require better programming skills. It IS strategically more complex, but that could be a good thing: When things are simple, people can get discouraged because they feel that the chances of their idea being unique and brilliant are smaller.
- Familiar: Yup, it's like a simple strategy game. It doesn't already exist, like chess, but I think that's a good thing. I mean, I wouldn't like the next AI Challenge to be Chess, because I know there are people who are really into chess and who would have an advantage - It would be discouraging.
- Interesting: Ants were really interesting, and this is even more interesting than Ants.
- Technically Feasible: Why not? Again, it's not much more complex than Ants.
- Non-trivial: It would be the least trivial contest so far.
- Fun to watch: Yup.

Possible problems:
- Length of the games: The rules of the game would have to be tweaked in such a way that it doesn't take too long to decide the winner. Is that possible? I think yes.
- Other: ???
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Re: Game idea: Upgrades

Postby Icarium » Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:37 pm

Sounds a little like this:
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