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Playing over netcat

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Playing over netcat

Postby HamstahGuru » Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:35 am

Hey guys,
I made two scripts to allow playing over netcat that you can find here:

basically, you want to play against a friend, but of course you don't want to give away your code.
What you do is use my script to make your friend's bot listen for game message on a specific port (eg 3333, make sure the port is accessible from your machine) then you use to run a game by giving your friend ip:port as player1 (or 2) and the command for your bot as the other.

Player 1 (
./ 3333 "./MyBot"

Player 2
./ map1 "./MyBetterBot" 200 10000

(I don't show all the Turn... stuff, wait for the output to show the results on the server side)
See the files for more details.

add a script to push the result to each remote bot automatically
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