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Congrats to all the double and triple 0s

Random stuff about the contest, posts that don't fit in the other forums.

Congrats to all the double and triple 0s

Postby Roberson » Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:50 pm

Maybe, it was the James Bond marathon on SyFy or it was my blurred vision one morning, but I noticed that 0.07 * 4619 looked like 007 * 4619. So, any bot whose place/4619 < 0.1 is a double 0 except for the triple 0s. Of course, those are the elite whose place/4619 < 0.01.

Also, congrats to everybody for the fun and to the admins, organizers ....

Everybody deserves thanks. Without the organizers, nothing would have happened. Without the participants, there wouldn't have been a tournament either.

Best regards,
Charles Roberson
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