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multiplayer vs ranking

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multiplayer vs ranking

Postby jcothran » Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:51 pm

While a multiplayer game would be more difficult to do in regards to setup and resources, I wouldn't let the issue of ranking hold up a 'contest'. The subject of ranking is always going to be a subject of debate, while many contests can continue to repeat single player game experiments with variations on min-max and bayesian prediction the multiplayer challenge would hopefully open up a number of novel contest approaches to bot cooperation or more robust bot behavior given the wider number of possible inputs and outcomes. Particularly interesting I think would be bots by different authors allowed to choose their team or squadmates, to see the combination/cooperation/specialization of AI's across authors. I'd choose or follow an interesting contest with a poor ranking system over a boring contest with a good ranking system. I could see though if the contest is setup for college computer science majors though, where they'd want to stick with single player to better control and demonstrate their individual AI work.
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